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Room D102.


Thursdays At Lunch.

Eco Club is about raising environmental awareness and responsibility, and empowering students to make an ecological difference.

What do we do?

At Dover Bay, we take pride in the fact that we recycle. This wouldn’t be possible without Eco Club. All of our members contribute to weekly school recycling bin collections, as well as a multitude of other activities that keep our school clean.
Eco club regularly raises money to support the ecological development of our community. The brand new water fountains you see around school were a direct result of Eco Club’s hard work. Other campaigns include Adopt A Marmot and Bike & Walk to School Week.
Invasive species are a problem across British Columbia. That is why Eco Club actively engages in plant pulls – where they remove invasive plants from severely affected ecosystems.
Eco Club makes the difficult task of educating youth fun and engaging. They frequently present to groups of students throughout Nanaimo about the environmental issues we face as a community.
Sometimes the best way to appreciate our planet is to explore it. Eco Club annually travels to places of ecological significance. The most recent trip was to Bamfield, B.C, where students made lasting memories.

How Can I Join?

Eco Club is looking for new members and volunteers all year. If you are interested in joining Eco Club, stop by Room D102 Thursdays at Lunch to see what they’re all about. Listen to the Dover Bay Station for more information.

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Mr. Eby

jeby@sd68.bc.ca | Room D102